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Unit Conversion

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Crude oil Natural gas Sales gas LPG LNG
1kl ≈ 6.29bbl 1cf ≈ 1,000Btu* 1Bm³ ≈ 700Mton (LNG) 1ton ≈ 10.5bbl (Crude oil) 1ton ≈ 8.8bbl (Crude oil) ≈ 1,400m³ (Natural gas) ≈ 53MMBtu*
1ton ≈ 7.4bbl 100MMcf/day ≈ 700Mton/y (LNG)
1bbl ≈ 6,000cf (Natural gas) 1Tcf ≈ 1MMton × 20years (LNG) (20 MMton)
100Mbbl/day ≈ 4MMton/y (LNG) 1m³ ≈ 37.32cf

* British Thermal Unit

Note: Unit-equivalent figures are estimates. We cannot guarantee those figures’ accuracy as applied to dealing or verification.

Unit Conversion Applications

  • This is an unit conversion application specific for oil and natural gas. Users can easily and conveniently convert such units as barrels, tons, and btu.
  • screen shot
  • screen shot

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