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Basic Policy

INPEX values workforce diversity and the development of global employees who share common values, ensuring responsible management as a global organization. To achieve this, our HR Division formulated the INPEX HR VISION, which is comprised of four key elements and covers the entire Group. HR activities based on these elements are implemented from a global perspective, linking employee development to optimum team performance to become a globally competitive organization. In April 2014, we established INPEX Values, which are shared by all executives and employees alike. These values are instilled in our employees with different background working at domestic and overseas operations, which, we believe, makes us feel we are One INPEX.



Targets and Results

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Key Tasks FY2017 Targets FY2017 Results FY2018 Targets
Human resource
development and
improvement of
job satisfaction
  • Continue measures to instill INPEX Values
  • Provide career-building opportunities for employees
  • Put in place a framework for work style reform
  • Internal sharing of INPEX values case studies: Posted a handbook and case studies on the company intranet and initiated “Value Awards” award system to encourage employees to provide case studies of excellence in practicing INPEX values
  • Introduced an internal recruiting system and a career consultation system for corporate employees
  • Reduced overtime work and improved the proportion of paid leave taken by introducing a staggered work hours system and a promotion to take paid leave
  • Take measures to instill INPEX Values and continue the Value Awards (including Group companies)
  • Continue the internal recruiting system and the career consultation system for corporate employees
  • Reduce overtime work and continue measures to improve the proportion of paid leave taken
Promotion of
  • Implement a revised employer action plan in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace
  • Continue to promote diversity in the workplace (hiring of women, foreign nationals, and persons with disabilities)
  • Conducted training for managers and supervisors who oversee the work of employees at child-raising age
  • Conducted LGBT Training
  • Proactively hired women, foreign nationals, and persons with disabilities
  • Implement a revised employer action plan in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace
  • Continue to promote diversity (hiring of women, foreign nationals, and persons with disabilities)

Diversity & Inclusion

Representative Director, President & CEO
Takayuki Ueda

To INPEX group, “diversity” is all the differences between the people in our business, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, beliefs, religion, background, disabilities and care responsibility, as well as the differences in our knowledge and experience. “Inclusion” means creating a workplace and relationships in which any person can feel valued and respected.

A workplace that supports diversity engages and motivates all of its people, driving innovation and enhancing organizational capability.

Diversity as one of our values will make us a strong, global, profitable and respected company.

Case Study 01

Activities for the Global Diffusion of INPEX Values among Executives and Employees

A winner of the 2017 INPEX Values Awards Program

The HR Unit has been carrying out activities to spread the INPEX Values which were established in 2014. Through company-wide surveys, the unit has obtained nominations for “Values People”—executives, employees and contractors who put the INPEX Values into practice. The third survey, conducted in 2017, resulted in the identification of 774 Values People. Each year, in addition to publishing interviews with those who received the most nominations, we also publish a selection of case studies collected from Values People throughout the business. This survey asks about how the Values People consider and carry out the INPEX Values in their daily lives. In fiscal year 2017, we also initiated the INPEX Values Awards Program to recognize those employees who practice the Values. We are moving ahead with other activities to further promote the INPEX Values among our employees.

Case Study 02

Building an Environment in which a Diverse Workforce can Flourish

LGBT training for employees in recruitment, HR and administration

INPEX is building an environment which enables employees from a wide variety of backgrounds to work to their fullest potential. One initiative we have started in Australia and Japan relates to the LGBT community.
In Japan, as our initial focus, we have initiated LGBT training for employees in recruitment, HR and administration. Participants came to understand the concerns held by LGBT people and learned points to consider if someone who identifies as LGBT “comes out” to them. Training participants have responded with such comments as "It turned out there were so many things I didn't know; I'm glad I took part in the training" and "I realized there are many things we must do as a company and as individuals."
In Australia, we held LGBT fundamental training for HR staff on two occasions in 2017, and are providing consultation for employees on LGBT matters through a counseling service. In addition, we have started a study of amendments to certain company regulations.
Current initiatives have addressed departments that are most likely to receive LGBT-related contact, centering on the Human Resource Divisions in Japan and Australia, but we plan to expand the programs to reach all employees.

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